Renee Baron
from The Enneagram Made Easy (Harper)


Take a piece of paper and on the left hand side of the page number it from 1 to 20.

Then make 9 columns for each of nine Enneagram types.
Read the statements and write a check mark if the sentence describes you.
Check what describes you when you were (or if you are now) under the age of 25.
When  finished, read the types with the highest score to see which fits best.

    I like to be organized and orderly.
    It is difficult for me to be spontaneous.
    I often feel guilty about not getting enough accomplished.
   I don’t like it when people break rules.
    Incorrect grammar and spelling bother me a lot.
     I am idealistic. I want to make the world a better place.
    I am almost always on time.
    I hold on the resentment for a long time.
    I think of myself as being practical, reasonable, and realistic.
   When jealous, I become fearful and competitive.
  Either I don’t have enough time to relax or I think I shouldn’t relax.
   I tend to see things in terms of right or wrong, good or bad.
  I analyze major purchases very thoroughly before I make them.
   I dread being criticized or judged by others.
  I often compare myself with others.
   Truth and justice are very important to me.
  I often feel that time is running out and there is too much left to do.
  I almost always do what I say I will do.
  I worry almost constantly.
   I love making every detail perfect.


     I want people to feel comfortable coming to me for guidance and advice.
   Relationships are more important to me than almost anything.
    Sometimes I feel overburdened by people’s dependence on me.
    I have trouble asking for what I need.
     I crave, yet sometimes fear, intimacy.
     I am more comfortable giving than receiving.
    I am very sensitive to criticism.
    I work hard to overcome all obstacles in a relationship.
    I try to be as sensitive and tactful as possible.
   When I am alone I know what I want, but when I am with others, I am not sure.
It is very important that others feel comfortable and welcome in my home.
  I don’t want my dependence to show.
  Watching violence on television and seeing people suffer is unbearable.
  Sometimes I feel a deep sense of loneliness.
  If I don’t get the closeness I need, I feel sad, hurt, and unimportant.
  Sometimes I get physically ill and emotional drained from taking care of everyone else.     
  I often figure out what others would like in a person, than act that way.
   I enjoy giving compliments and telling people that they are special to me.
   I am attracted to being with important or powerful people.
  People have said I exaggerate too much and am overly emotional.


     I am almost always busy.
     I like to make to-do lists, progress charts, and schedules for myself.
    I don’t mind being asked to work overtime.
    I have an optimistic attitude.
     I go full force until I get the job done.
    I believe in doing things as expediently as possible.
     It is important for people to better themselves and live up to their potential.
     I’m not interested in talking a lot about my personal life.
    I try not to let illness stop me from doing anything.
  I hate to see jobs undone.
  I tend to put work before other things.
   I can’t understand people who are bored. I never run out of things to do.
   It is sometimes difficult for me to get in touch with my feelings.
  I work very hard to take care of and provide for my family.
  I like identifying with competent groups or important people.
  I try to present myself well and make a good first impression.
   Financial security is extremely important to me.
  I generally feel pretty good about myself.
  People often look to me to run the show.
  I like to stand out in some way.


    Being understood is very important to me.
    My friends say they enjoy my warmth and my different way of looking at life.
    I can become nonfunctional for hours, days, or weeks when I’m depressed.
     I am very sensitive to critical remarks and feel hurt at the tiniest slight.
5.     It really affects me emotionally when I read upsetting stories in the newspaper.
6.     My ideals are very important to me.
7.     I cry easily. Beauty, love, sorrow, and pain really touch me.
8.     My melancholy moods are real and important. I don’t necessarily want to get out of them.
9.     I often long for what others have.
10.   I try to support my friends, especially when they are in crisis.
11.   I live in the past and in the future more than in present–day reality.
12.   I place great importance on my intuition.
13.   I try to control people at times.
14.   I hate insincerity and lack of integrity in others.
15.   I have spent years longing for the great love of my life to come along
16.   I focus on what is wrong with me rather than on what is right.
17.   I like to be seen as one of a kind.
18.   I am always searching for my true self.
19.   Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable and different, like an isolated outsider, even when I’m with my friends.
20.   When people tell me what to do, I often become rebellious and do, or wish I could do, the opposite.


1.     I learn from observing or reading as opposed to doing.
2.     It’s hard to express my feelings in the moment.
3.     I get lost in my interests and like to be alone with them for hours.
4.     I usually experience my feelings more deeply when I’m by myself.
5.     Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not generous enough.
6.     I try to conceal my sensitivity to criticism and judgment
7.     Brash, loud people offend me.
8.     Conforming is distasteful to me.
9.     I like to associate with others who have expertise in my field.
10.   I like having a title (doctor, professor, administrator) to feel proud of.
11.   I have been accused of being negative, cynical, and suspicious.
12.   When I feel socially uncomfortable, I often wish could disappear.
13.   I am often reluctant to be assertive or aggressive.
14.   I dislike most social events. I’d rather be alone or with a few people I know well.
15.   I sometimes feel shy or awkward.
16.   I get tired when I’m with people for too long.
17.   I feel different from most people.
18.   I feel invisible. It surprises when anyone notices anything about me.
19.   I don’t look for material possessions to make me happy.
20.   Acting calm is a defense. It makes me feel stronger.


1.     I am nervous around certain authority figures.
2.     I am often plagued by doubt.
3.     I like to have clear-cut guidelines and to know where I stand.
4.     I am always on the alert for danger.
5.     I take things too seriously.
6.     I constantly question myself about what might go wrong.
7.     I often experience criticism as an attack.
8.     I often obsess about what my partner is thinking.
9.     I can be a very hard worker.
10.   My friends think of me as loyal, supportive, and compassionate.
11.   I’ve been told I have a good sense of humor.
12.   I follow rules closely (a phobic trait); or I often break rules (a counterphobic trait).
13.  The more vulnerable I am in my intimate relationship, the more anxious and testy I become.
14.   I tend to either procrastinate or plunge headlong, even into dangerous situations.
15.   I am very aware of people trying to manipulate me with flattery.
16.   I like predictability.
17.   I have sabotaged my own success.
18.   I can support people through thick and thin.
19.   I like being neat and orderly. It helps me feel more in control of my life.
20.   I dislike pretension in people


   I enjoy life. I am generally uninhibited and optimistic.
2.     I don’t like being made to feel obligated or beholden.
3.     I am busy and energetic. I seldom get bored if left to do what I want.
4.     I often take verbal or physical risks.
5.     I usually pick upbeat friends who have similar goals.
6.     I’m not an expert in any one thing, but I can do many things well.
7.     My style is to go back and forth from one task to another. I like to keep moving.
8.     I seem to let go of grievances and recover from loss faster than most people I know.
9.     I like myself and I’m good to myself.
10.   I like people and they usually like me.
11.   I usually manage to get what I want.
12.   I value quick wit.
13.   I am idealistic. I want to contribute something to the world.
14.   I vacillate between feeling committed and wanting my freedom and independence.
15.   I am often at ease in groups.
16.   When people are unhappy, I usually try to get them to lighten up and see the bright side.
17.   I love excitement and travel.
18.   Sometimes I feel inferior and sometimes I feel superior to others.
19.   I usually way whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.
20.   I can make great sacrifices to help people.


1.     I can be assertive and aggressive when I need to be.
2.     I can’t stand being used or manipulated.
3.     I value being direct and honest; I put my cards on the table.
4.     I am an individualist and a nonconformist.
5.     I respect people who stand up for themselves.
6.     I will go to any lengths to protect those I love
7.     I fight for what is right.
8.     I support the underdog.
9.     Making decisions is not difficult for me.
10.   Self–reliance and independence are important.
11.   I have overindulged in food or drugs.
12.   Some people take offense of my bluntness.
13.   When I enter a new group, I know immediately who the most powerful person is.
14.   I work hard and I know how to get things done.
15.   In a group I am sometimes an observer rather than a participant.
16.   I like excitement and stimulation. Sometimes I like to spar with people, especially when I feel safe.
17.   I am vulnerable and loving when I really trust someone.
18.   Overly nice or flattering people bother me.
19.   Pretense is particularly distasteful to me.

1.     I often feel in union with nature and people.
2.     Making choices can be very difficult. I can see the advantages and disadvantages of every option.
3.     It is sometimes hard for me to know what I want when I’m with other people.
4.     Others see me as peaceful, but inside I often feel anxious.
5.     Instead of tacking what I really need to do, I sometimes do little unimportant things.
6.     When there is unpleasantness going on around me, I just try to think about something else for a while.
7.     I usually prefer walking away from a disagreement to confronting someone.
8.     If I don’t have some routine and structure in my day, I get almost nothing done.
9.     I tend to put things off until the last minute, but I almost always get them done.
10.   I like to be calm and unhurried, but sometimes I overextend myself.
11.   When people try to tell me what to do or try to control me, I get stubborn.
12.   I like to be sure to have time in my day for relaxing.
13.   Sometimes I feel shy and unsure of myself.
14.   I enjoy just hanging out with my partner or friends.
15.   Supportive and harmonious relationships are very important to me.
16.   I am very sensitive about being judged and take criticism personally.
17.   I like to listen and give people support.
18.   I focus more on the positive than on the negative.
19.   I have trouble getting rid of things.
20.   I operate under the principle of inertia: if I’m going, it’s easy to keep going, but I sometimes have a hard time getting